In a web of reanimating the (un)dead descends an electrifying Speed Metal assault. Thunder ripping NWHOBHM, with G.B.H. totting (a stout reminder of Punk’s importance to Metal), oranges waving, Thrash laced Hi-gh—an outlet for denim and fucking leather.

  Bonus: Wheels.




  Not long ago, the Scrawler featured a revivalist band, which is a case covered on the previous post. Horror Vacui assert so for the Post-Punk lay of the music ‘scape—and competently. When HK8 starts disheveling with their Electonic miscreations, it comes off as ambience tinged efforts to less perplex an all-out Noise seeker. So much for an ironic title. The droning wars par!

Horror Vacui


 The way of the cenotaph. When viewing older DM band pictures, rampant graveyard shots pop up. In an effort to capture the spirit of the dead shift, below are monoliths of unhallowed spontaneity—kicking off with the most ghastly looking. Grey Mist delivers unhinged Doom, albeit touching on that aspect as Alunah extends on their most doomy—female vocals galloping too. Not far from where the Doom bands illustriously depict gargoyles and burial grounds sculpts. Wolf Dawn—the oddball here, is unrelenting blackened Speed Metal; which is enough to imply major ass kicking. Die already. . . .

Misty Grey


Three Doom bands. The first is a Lucifer’s Fall self titled release—grabbing with a Heavy Metal uprise that funnels into awesome Doom. All Light Shall Fade is an epic leaner, meaner with its punch—the singing is half right for The Mad Mane Machine. Splashing with Rock and heavy Stoner is To the Fallen. This is priggish Doom waving a gavel at every perfunctory down-tuning.

Lucifer’s Fall
Majesty in Ruin
The Zenith


  Fucking Old English. The shit that Doom and Black metal incessantly emulate—not far from the case here once the blast-heavy La Sanche release Death Magick instigates its BM tinges on this Demo. A live output from Right Hand of Doom—Doom that captures a psychedelic to space craft on Oasis of the White Palm. Endless dreams of evocation.
La Sanche
Right Hand of Doom


  Before ExodusTempo of the Damned cover was a Weird Tales pulp mag edition with an accompanying illustration—if the skeletal could harness temporal legions—wreathing under a witch’s cloak; perhaps. A leap to what Eddie might develop into under a natural extension towards Thrash—horns and atrophying skin. Into the temple.
Joseph Krucher

Jowita Kamińska-Peruzzi


 Judith beheading Holofernes has various depictions. Here are two of manythe first is the one The Mad Mane Machine presumed the most brutal. Coming second is another that appeared in a horror pulp magazine, even though the maiden seems to be doing the severing herepure Victorian era, grandeur done away with.
Artemisia Gentileschi
Mary Byfield (for ‘Penny Dreadful’ magazine The Ghost 1983)