The pulp magazines were the launching pad of some of the cornerstone names in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction among other genres today. Their popularity relied heavily on illustrations, and like many publications,—including novels—they are indispensable and as decisive on the importance of publication to readers as they are an influence on their biases/preferences. Much less the same thing that has had certain dictations upon my reading habits/purchases over the years and looking forward to to depictions as a young-in to accompany long gone favourites. 

  This is a compilation of illustrations the authorPeter Hainingdeems important to the horror and to an extent, fantasy pulp magazines—where some tended to cater but not limited to bothacross the span of the 19th to 20th Century. Showcased are various artists and most are engravings as the printing press gained traction. Other styles of illustrations were later incorporated at length, replacing engravings. Some artists were impressive enough to be featured twice or more. It absolutely is an art lover’s cherish. I had a copy from a library that had some pages plucked, and some missing sections that had been cut-out by some dumb fucking moron. Fucking retard wouldn’t understand this might not be available in a hundred mile raduis. PoS!
  Here are some of The Mad Mane Machine’s choice illustrations from the compilation. It’s fantastic to have a new—old—great artist to uphold. That is when it resumes drawing.
 Experiments in the lost art of poisoning
 Steam-powered robot (cover)
Invaders from the infinite
 The bride of death
   Nor moon by night
Excellent cover by Hanes Boke

  Having book perusers serves as the prelude pictures with details about each illustration. Much more like Space Bestiary from GURPS, with its various artist perception of exo-monsters and a much longer description. TMMM envisions Groot as World Tree! The wonderful chronology is a mesmerizing work to anybody interested in that aspect of literature’s history.

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