The sleeve art of Inerya portrays a gothic parchment—written in ink. It may pass for darkly permeating—but beyond such, any speculation prior to familiarity with Dark Tower is a chase collapsing on desolation, dreariness, ineptitude.
  Polish duo in the name of Dark Tower writes a condensed, dripping love letter to Electronic music in general. Polished with nuances and out research that rely on patience. The mainstay of the first half is EBM as Marivsz prevails to find vocal matches to the sound surges. Duch may resonate to anIndustrialist with its oral instrumentation, the adulterated throbs around the most part of the first into the second minute mark that pave way to tamed abrasions abstracting the higher second minute. Feniks nicely serves Aggrotech, preparing the grounds for palpitating, hard-hitting drums delivered in Czarna Wieza. An absolute ear-crawling inhabitant. It is so energetic the impact is felt once the lessly pitched intro to the progressing track incurs. A leisure permeating its shank to/fro energy releases and gains evenly around the record.
  Revelations of the letter compel further once Diabel w Nim tinctures in a truncation unprecedented by going the Wave way, including some songs on this section. Merging it with EBM as the vocals ribald-like some words and entrance others. Ending in a very Vangelis manner. Just as the pace starts to relay a relaxation that is Inny, which is Trance In essence—that permeated Czarna Wieza—with keystrokes, Kardio U-turns closure severely. Its placement is only a matter of preference. To end on an upbeat.

  Inerya is an album whose significance is not a mere breath or happenstance. The Mad Mane Machine can commend it for lack of weak tracks whatsoever, where familiarization and enjoyment are lineal. It is a formidable run, but listenable in a single sitting. Designed to create an impact that necessitates (a) return.

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