Where Harsh Noise offers bleaker and even terminating permeations, a different spectrum broods liquefied chapters seething forth to project a charismatic storyline.
  Acromyrmex reanimates the scenario of Simon in The Double. Fitfully quite, the album’s sleeve renders the same uncolourful hues of gloom as he mundanely cogs his way regularly in the machine. It is in a certain consistency with the tapering tensions similar to a workplace typewriter, only to shift out excruciatingly as time ticks away.
  These subterranean wavelengths take a jab at the upper world incomprehensibly. To ponder on the frequencies of Hive Mind Transmissions may offer a sequential explanation to the unity and hardwired leanings on which disgusting humanity is a slave to. James happens to transform from Simon. The mutualism sets in from a one sided symbiosis, down to James‘ replication of Kleptoparasites.
  Simon’s dismantling never gets undone. A semblance relating to the zombie ants, fungi infected with infested brains, starting with bunged up community, ending with individual explosion. The sad suddenness captured in an iota of Anti-Fungus Mutualism. One must pave way for the other. Exit Simon.

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