What is more important than science? The obvious answer leads to expositions that have been explored and expounded  in this array of astronomical, astronautical and other essays.
  Reflecting on the dawn of the Space Age and speculating on what the future has in space, Arthur C. Clarke  takes a straightforward in-person approach across various elaborated phenomena. The approachable tone should nonetheless imply a pop-sci advent, as many are wont to note when explanations and analogies are applied on science shows for the dissemination and disentangling of technical inclinations and concepts. On such premise, I’d point out that even Clarke notes fun is essential and without which the shows would be disengaging interested but non technical persons; but more importantly, less people would be ensnared—which should just about be the reason for its existence. Quite different from watering down. 

  Voices from the Sky outlays concepts whose ideas are now a much divers reality todaytake for example electrical brain stimulation—whilst others like remotely operating surgeons are yet to be conceived.

  The author warns that with the rapid scientific advancement as from his time, nothing is final. A fine example would be the statement that that the electron was the smallest thing in the universe since discovery down the book’s conceivement period. Today it is otherwise with the discovery of the quantum world inhabited by the once labeled as particle zoo. All lay side to side with his and others’ contributions to space-faring and portions of the second industrial revolution.

  Acknowledgements of interesting authors of the genre are neither the least as they are weaved along the author’s interplay of speculations, narratives, analogies, recollections, experiences and stances. This is the other Clarke hidden to some of his readers. Astro-literature reads something like this—since the fiction ones will not capture as much ideologies at heart.

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