More Post-Punk. Horror Vacui self describe as punker than dark, darker than punk. Kinda chuckle benefiting stuff. Straight Post-Punk/Goth mash stuff you bet. Deathrock once 5000 palpitates into the melee. Chunks of proliferating missives on a mission to darken auditory perceptions. Even a fusion of Post-Punk and Deathrock is nothing to bring out the best in a band, but a mixture of the best of both worlds.

  Clear cut black and  white. Covered in a two-way infusion as the soundscapes shift and trade sides with either. A rocker could be pulled. A punker can take. A goth should commit. It heavily corresponds with The Cure school of Post-Punk. A somehow competent singer at hand, leading the listener along to the rhythm of the riffs, otherwise letting the main sequences of the lead to shine on such a cold seeker of inclines.
 Light of Darkness offers some speed and urgency. Deathrock and Post-Punk really beautifully fuse here, on paced amplitudes. This is a stolid exemplification amid the embueing chaos and effervescence. A melding that perseveres onto the ensuing track. Though this is a much relaxed one. Continuing with the ever minimalist Post-Punk drum work.
  The lyrics revolve around antis and everyday livelihood. Somnolent and belying thoughts fortified in less augur sangfroid to the sing-song extensions. Keeping it coming, keeping it coldish.

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