Firing up in a shimmering way. On pointers with dishevling relationships with radiation bursts. Anticipate a wake of reanimations and impending consternation as the blasted astronauts regain unlife. All those years of inertia that have molten any memory of flesh are gone now as a plague unanticipated enlists itself.
  Unlife refines itself with consequential drums pockmarking the synth loops. Stellar outstretch soundtracks to a dreadful reprise. Gear shifting melody with tosses of Synthwave. So what makes this punk?—if not recalcitrations of electro- and synth-wave polyphonics in a much balanced but out there way. Dangling aside Synthwave‘s super cine feel. Apart from Fuzgati‘s electropunk, it’s the exact opposite of what Fuzgati does, yet the the name might suggest otherwise. Or what the latter should be emulating.
  Those drum hits. That is what its moments are, amid electro key touches as the EP clashes with closure time. Certainly indecipherable culminations; ponderings that lurk opportunistically among the tints of dystopia. A kind of watch-the-space-explode anticipations and ruminations. Blipping out from the upsurging space sargassso. Communication frozen. Dashing Horrorwave.

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