Gotham.The categorical elaboration and enunciation of crime and it’s sprawl.With each and every strain—between the rapier, dignified, mysterious malefactor and organized insidious crime, with its ties to two-sided law enforcers. It is such a metropolis that grieves a family man on the daily safety of his family,eminently as Batman: Year One‘s manifestations—where nobody is safe,government badge or not. Beyond Batman’s Gotham and commonplace crimes arises the rare although spectacular offender. A man plaguing the city with bodies; detectives with thin clues.
 This crime noir trails the first pursuit of a yet to be established as serial killer. Titular without giving away the plot-point. It’s a pair race for detectives Somerset and Mills once Somerset takes the clue from two of the seven deadly sins—where the remaining five can more than only be expected. Fervent as the self-appointed social redeemer is on making his message clear, so does it provide the means for deciphering locations of his frequent, if not his whereabouts. His are sermons to the world, taking cues from, most importantly, Dante Alighieri‘s Inferno, among other religious texts to try and cauterize the world’s severed moral arm.
 It is a curious case to try and amend the complexities of humans and their reasons to what an observer, basing on ethics, deems immoral. His light of these people may be right to a limited extent, but still wrong from over-inference. Closest to a paradox. The two detectives present such a situation better with their polarly different views and similar approaches. Two rational men: a cultured individual with ruminative illustriousness; and a just progressive enough but absolutely whimsical man at large—the general kind of man, and his character never hesitates to prove the high price that is the attainment of culture. Actually without the former, the killer would never had been found, despite the former’s attempt at brushing away his inability to solve the crime.
 Se7en offers a quick glance of criminals with an upper hand over a system. Some crimes go down an,nals unsolved such as this, and should chance have its way, the caisus belli for intrusion to a criminal’s lair could also hold most detections to a halt.

  Rare as they are, the severity undertaken is what wins followers over, as John Doe expects of his case. The ultimate cult figure.

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