Goth is aesthetic. Punk is attitude. I don’t wish to tie myself down. School is over, and my last project involved experimental apparel design. Any previous project was far from the blog’s topic, and even as the blog has slightly changed t incorporate a few objects, the would still not cut it. (Other than being unsatisfactory. Explaining. So punk.)


  I made a Steampunk inspired attire. Upper torso is adorned in a leather crop-top (originally to be cap-sleeved), whose rear was fashioned into a tail-coat design. It has a bishop collar with ingrained spikes and shoulder studs. 3 on either side.
  It has a  waistband with collapsible pipe cords, half split lengthwise for ease of attachment on the newly formed flat side.

  The lower torso is a circular skirt, opening at the front, and a half-cut pipe at the hemline of the right side. It is a theme garment. Best suited as a costume. The back is overrun by a spine with spikes contrived to reptile-like protrusions. From hairline to butt.

Recycled leather.
Golden chains/Golden studs.
Cardboard      —Spikes. Spine.
Nylon             Waisband. Holding plastic cords intact.
Plastic cords.
Aluminium foil Wrapping spikes and spine edges.
Black paint     Evening garment and material colour; exposed spine area and nylon.


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