The room temperature drops by a dozen degrees. The occupants are either Breathers and Vampires. At times a Watcher is around. Sometimes. A side of the scare tactic – a Breather finally encountering what they couldn’t prove – the other moment they experience the chills is a flesh encounter with the undead. Whichever. Equally three bites, and turning innocents. Into Fledgies. Becoming a Maker. Doing Unto Others: The First Rule of Vampirism.
  Other narrations may plant the teething plot around poetry stanzas. Night Prayer‘s boasts of movies’ and comics’. I Broad bases. At the time where every OTT Dracula tendency was at its height. Vampire jokes that were at the stake of being sucked dry once they saw the light of day. Wryly amusing puns at their prime before being passé.
It really didn’t matter – O, A, OR B … it tasted the same

  Expressly and explicitly as Dracula spawns with everything in-your-face. Every chapter is in your face. On the right hand side. Prologue. Epilogue – literally covered, only someone forgot checking spelling and tense somewhere. Since vampires are always up against doctrine, it is still the case, to a point. Luci goes first and John sees it to the end. The very onslaught of vanity till her flesh crawls commanders the Count‘s disdain for mirrors. The Fledgy offers herself to finality. Ah, can’t Alice facet? B.Y.O.C(laret). . . to the gory.

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