During the post-formative years of his career, Philip K. Dick was ensnared by what some philosophically inclined old men renounce to once they retire—religion, spending their time reading, and thinking. The antithesis of an intellectual-monitoring, senile phobic society. The Brave New World. It is hard to ignore this book had an impact on Philip K. Dick, whichever its sizableness.  Here, however, the links of the two masterpieces—Brave New World and The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch—will heed another topic.
  Long gone are the viviparous days where reproduction is by piddling twos and threes. Even some animals, mammals, can do that. Bokanovskification—from Bokanovsky’s Process—allows serial arrested development, genetic modification to obtain 8 to 96 similar individuals. This is one of the processes keeping the CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING busy. As busy as the Eichenwald Clinic during therapeutic seasons. The German E Therapy clinics—owned by Dr. Denkmal—almost linger on pseudo-science. His trial-and-error approaches to evolution have both yin and yang. A patient is subject to either, at their own risk—considering E Therapy opens doors for one to be personae gratae. Or devolving back to Sinanthropus.
  Future societies seem to have gotten Denkmal’s work right as he becomes legendary; with evolution moving forward 100 000 years at a crack. The present society’s beneficiaries  undergo evolution both physically and spiritually. E Therapy brings about growth in the cortex area—one manifests a huge frontal lobe; they practically are precogs through advancing—leading to many new and exciting concepts occurring to one, especially those of religious nature. Advantages of the therapy are foreseen,  including chitinous-type skin, rind an altered metabolism, and improved ventilation. Traits that account for the non experienced before individual thought patterns, but notably, base human tendencies seem too intrinsic for evolution.
  Had Moustapha Mond allowed the publication of A New Theory of Biology, the unsettled mind, and these ought to exist where mental cavorting has been banished, may be deconditioned  by believing purpose is some intensificaton and refining of consciousness—enlargement of knowledge. The conception of purpose challenges what happiness really is, conditioning notwithstanding.
Chemical handlers are trained in chemical tolerance.
Rocket-plane engineers are kept in constant rotation to improve their balance.
Unto the kind of conditioning an Alpha-Plus intellectual undergoes is left to the reader’s guess, with subtle hints. And thus the happiest knack for slogans and hypnopaedic rhymes extends to include: All related men are equal, but some related men are more physico-chemically equal than others.
  Starting with a predestination that cleverly morphs into events leading to the protagonist’s life, his new world peers are 2 years apart from the generation ahead or behind them, thanks to Podsnap’s Technique—an egg ripening process. The defining factor of the genetic modification from mere imitation of nature was the Freemartins, a result of the view that fertility was a nuisance. These females lacked fertile embryos and were given sterile male-sex hormone—giving them a tendency to sprout beards.


Mechanical Elements—Fernand H. Léger
  Man appears unable to save himself from his erring hand by creating defects, some that affect his course greatly, even at the disposal of science, or attuning his tools, especially the sentient ones, to the machine’s undertakings. Sensations are savage enough to affect subservience to the machine. Had Aldous Huxley been a music critic, the l-p’s would melt in sight. The Philip K. Dick replacement iron oxide tapes could handle his . . . BRAVE NEW WORLD / LEVER DRAWN BOW / LOW REVERB WAND. Even the cubists loved strings.


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