Aboard the Rock ‘n’ Roll train. Compartments and striations, styles bleed through the hallways. Brooding. Delights, defiance, delineation. Two plus two and many others. Fueled by alco–COAL.

Forging beyond the wagon to the space age. Every aligned star is calling. Ensnaring—Welcome To The Future / CUTE TOUR FLEW THEME / TROUT CUE FLEW THEME / OUT WHERE COMET FLUTE. Covered with pop-art ensemble. Like a cognizance of the dreary vocalizations of Remember Me / MERE MEMBER—slowly rising from the previous song Far Beyond / BEND OF RAY—and the tripped hoars from Star Gazer / ART GRAZES.

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll, but like everyone, I get the blues. The drums took a backseat to a very watered-down Rock ‘n’ Roll sequence. Not far from programmed. Monophonic. Ignore for the fuzz, Down the Wire / DREW THEIR OWN / WORD HE TWINE perpetrated. These are the effects of incorporating influences to the extent of disregarding essentials. Some tracks could have been done away with, however an instrumentalist’s play for fun that he decides to share.

These gritty—a few—tracks could have been shooting for the stars. As the assemblage with Johnny B Goode. For Psychedelia diehards.


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