With a disappointed recollection of never completing 1984, a similarly named post-apocalyptic rap duo with sci-fi themes can only dig on that. This is a Gorgon of sci-fi that needs a book armoured slayer! Titled Atrophie, less couldn’t be agreed upon on the teetering mass wasting of everything society.
  Currently with the label Rap and Revenge, their second release opens with Le Pavé De L’enfer whose beats and delivery an appetite for what’s to unfold in the ensuing fourteen tracks. The chorus’ final stanza is massively melodic, spiking a craving for Sonata Arctica‘s Fullmoon; a track they actually sampled. The album cover paints the music’s visual the same way an off-radar society disregarding (post-apocalyptic) Thrash Metal band would want it conveyed. If that could be any bleaker than a space captain trying to calm the nerves of a shipless crew on re-entry. Even with a sneaky rebel. Does (future) Earth have a captain, or it’s all illustrated by man? Can’t decide which. Hardcore dancing or going away.
  The beatsmith’s piano preferences and polkas dot Coppélia laying the foundation for a loop of a coalescing cold touch to the other artist—with scratches peppering every track. If this is taking Hip Hop back to its roots, then that is cemented by J-Merk‘s collabo—a professation of  studying under the game’s great MCs. Heck, the auto-drenched female chords on Le Pavé De L’enfer and Archétypes are one of the classical things about Rap that haven’t been overdone or misused. But then again, it is hard to do badly, once gotten right.

  Catchy THX 1138 shines with some string touches—a contrarian explanation to the indifferent, surgical white coldness and monochromatic realizations of the film. Samples are in French, I suppose, adding dimension by virtue of opening and closing the track.
If Archétypes are the Jungian revelations which I won’t pretend to have explored beyond casual interest, then this might have more to fucking bite into, excusing the French. And as it is said, this is not music for someone and their girlfriend to listen to. It requires full regards. Enter post-society.

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