Along the genial/mad scientist trope—The ADD part of the title—hindsight comes a little too late in the draft. And many a times, self-actualization sets in with haste to disentangle escalating thirst for power from discovery’s leaps; if with an ominous aid of foresight—a feature careening from many Marvel productions; but less as in-your-face as in the second Amazing Spider-Man. Whichever its form be—from underhanded conspiracies to corporate espionage: a case whose grips clench Dr. Hank Pym with DETERMINATION (AMPERS)AND / ANIMATED STREAM DRONE (PIN).
  It is at Pym Tech where founder Pym is conducting researches, his protégé gets word about Hank’s particle that could change the atomic distance between atoms while increasing density and strength: A formula with shrinking abilities; An enchantment to brain activity; The Pym particle—a substance that could change the texture of reality (the incomprehensible quantum side of things).
  The assistant prodigy, Darren Cross, manages to retrieve the formula for replication, and the trope spirals to a climax—showcasing a pursuit inherent since time. In contrast to the liquid Pym particle, Cross manages to create an erastz formula, contained in a laser. It gets  modified to enable it shrink organic tissue. This tech is sold to Pym’s enemies, even right at his face—mean mugged HYDRA reps and S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s ex-defence position holder.
Ant-Man; the new Quicksilver

  With control as the centre-piece to the setting, ants and their organizational structure mirrored what it entails, but not without a leader, and neither a queen this time. Whereas Empire of the Ants magnified ants against sugar-hills to manly heights, both formulas alter atomic relative distance to shrink man to antistic dimensions. Going sub-atomic flares micro-zoom-in, where the psychedelic experience tampers with the overwhelming quantum world. Space-time becomes irrelevant in this realm, and . . . uncanny void is forever.


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