OTHER EPITHET OFT GOT AMPLE when trying to highlight the brilliance of THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, if not The Place That Time Forgot. Time proves to be an illusion, once the present shifts periodically. Superseding this is when the present time shares two periods with consecutive physicalities. Unofficially, this is a time travel escapade with zero concern to the concept itself—which aids at keeping some perils at bay; while preventing a stray from the set premise.

  The time machine in question is an biplane aircraft with a crew of four, set out to search for a lost naval hero. Embarking for an island located amid a polar enclosure, the mothership keeps their track from semi-frozen waters. Unaware of what to expect, they glide into a tropical isle, well sheltered from view by snow-capped ridges and peaks. Stumbling into a giant pterodactylus, they crash-land and realization sets in—expect anything, except it will be prehistoric.
  They encounter a number of thecodonts, with the props made to be as convincing as possible, given this is an old film—one of the precursors to time travel and dinosaur films recurrent today, such as  Walking with Dinosaurs. Concurrent with other film overarchings, there is a created language for the tribe of Nargas, who are fantastically costumed. Learnt broken English  for the set’s Sheena, Ajor, eliminates a lot of misunderstandings between her and the protagonists.
  Even though adventure prevailed and the mission went awry, it still incorporates to make it a task to pin down satisfactorily. Ah, time travel.

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