There is no high-jinks without the jinks; no slaughter without the laughter; no slawter without the law! And Grubbs Grady is just about the law, when it comes to the grisly, gothic, gore-fest—demonic desecration. But does all the fun end there?
  Slawter is the third installment under the Demonata universe from the two-tiered Darren Shan book-verse. On reading this as a second Darren Shan offering, what arised was an inherently YA targetship, more-sore the youngest of its readership. Why so? Comparing to the impact of Cirque Du Freak to The Mad Mane Machine’s freshman self, and whatever effect Slawter tried to elicit, not much avails.
  Consistent with the author’s work, the book does stand on it’s own, regardless of the reader’s familiarity with the adjacent installments. It unfolds with poetic discourse that gives it an awkward edge, almost rife with wordplay, puns and references—things that would not be a far cry from Brian W. Aldiss—as the Gradys are enchanted by a cult director to aid her realize a new horror film.

The Lambs follow the path of science. Demons are creatures of magic.

The gore factor is kept at maximum, but the magic feels lacking, and less portrayed (poof—magic!); appearing as rushed as the “Battle” saga. With the stupendous “Film Folk”, up to the climax, “The Chase” couldn’t fall short of filler. Sometimes a bargain takes more than a life. I’ll term with that. Praise for Lord Loss!

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