A description like The Ritual Aura casts a wide net for a Technical Death Metal band, moreso when trying to put ritual into perspective. But beyond that, it sure is a sci-fi proponent. Labelled as both progressive and technical, the latter is the most prescriptive on this record. Technical Death Metal goodness.

Laniakea opens with a soulful piano intro before barraging into fret-board wizardry, partly aided by the ex-Obscura shred masterChristian Muenzner. Shredding is in the element of Hellenic Terror Kronos, featuring similar shrieking but with better production—however befitting Kronos‘ is. Sub-par releases had the Mad Mane Machine wishing some tracks were longer than teaser material. The Precursor of Aphotic Collapse features amazing trade-offs with a dual breakdown work before the lead bursts into a solo closure.

What of a Perry Rhodan exo-world with a dome barrier aligned with fleet as they await entrance. A protective dome deactivation that only Perry‘s hand can aid for it to be achieved. The mass of orbs is puny to the propitiously titled Laniakea. Uninhabitable space is as unforgiving as rightly wielded Technical Death Metal. Furrowing and flitting forward across the exosphere with a wrecking, calculated weight.

Supermassive superclustural supremacy FTW.


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