A Timeslip stands no worse than a landslide—a fault in the spatial infrastructure. In a near-future world, there had been an ongoing war among opposing Western, South American, and Third World Powers who have been using nuclear weapons of increasing caliber—within the orbits of Earth – Luna system. 
  The effect of this is man learning a bitter lesson on the indivisibility of Nature. The short-lived relief that everyone hadsince it all happened above the stratospherewas all gone as timeslip hazards might as well be equated to fallout. Both space and time goes on the blink. On one hand, it’s still a null relief since nobody gained anything from the showdown, which managed to obliterate Moon colonies—something termed a doubtful benefit.


  Professor Ransome concludes that it came to be perceived as a hitherto undiscerned relationship between the planet and the infrastructure of space which surrounds and supports it. The infrastructure has been destroyed or at least damaged to the point at which it malfunctions unpredictably, and now the consequences must be borne with.


  Consequence one includes slipping either into the past or the future, as wherever one is standing could face a sudden geo-locational change. Consequence two is time-shock. Lastly; getting trapped in ‘The Present’ of the past or the future, as Joe Bodenland. 


  ‘The Present’ must be viewed with with increasing suspicions as T/timeslips increase—some timeslips are not timely enough to warrant a capital T. Herefore, these jumps can only take place in an Eternalist’s universe; since when Joe slips back in Time, the world is still unfolding as per that date. Remember how they say about alternate universes coming to save time travel from its paradoxes? Then, doesn’t that give it more power? Like merging a fictional lifeline to an existing one. A Timeslip eventful enough in length requires the chrono-marker to regard its time as Time, so Joe Bodenland does that, to events lasting beyond a few hours.


  Well, Joe the time traveler could sell his timepiece from the (eternalism, forbid a) 2020 U.S.A., traverse the past with a Felder, but a (alternate universes be damned) May 1816 Geneva needs some music.
Let’s meet the olde poets.

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