“Then it happened. With a crash of drums and a thundering bass, the sound of heavy-metal music came blaring from the loudspeakers.”—Sweet Valley High.
  At least at this point in their career, Avulsed no longer consider themselves an underground act, which is a well deserved feat. This is one of the most competent bands to grace Death Metal so far. It is beyond overwhelming that a given album can go from Slam to Doom Metal so  fucking effortlessly! Gorespattered Suicide. . . .

  Oh slamophiliacs, Goresplattered Suicide, Yearning For The Grotesque have the covers begging for ingestion. And swedeath is the magnet that holds Avulsed’s metal together. Ritual Zombi and Goresplattered Suicide have special moments of dragging guitar work drenched in atmosphere—sometimes achieved with keyboards. It shows the urgent need for further exploration of the same. And consequently, Famishgod! And this says a lot about Death Metal origins for incredible Death-Doom outfitsHooded Menace.

  Dave Rotten. I will not obsess about his vocals. But I could never wish for less.
Inhuman vomits—The best in the business.
Subhuman topics/artwork.
Anti-human lyrics.
—I denounce my humanity.

  However, I have yet to see them come out with their own distinct, Avulsed sound. But it’s still a journey. Alter Of Disembowelment is closer to being the identity they want to portray but damn goddamn, Avulsed kicks major ass.

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