Coming across a group called Bleeding Eyes, the chances of ignoring them are high. Add Metalcore to their Doom/Sludge tag, and that rises even higher. Well, not the present Bleeding Eyes; five albums later, although I’m not familiar with anything beyond their A Trip to the Closest Universe.
  Here is a sextet that greatly wields some of the main strains of Doom; Sludge, Stoner, and Psychedelic with this release from 2014. It kicks off with an instrumental that is an oversight to the record’s overall sound: Doom  off-shoots  which  are  not   force-fed  i.e. every  root  has  its chance  to  relay the  music’s  intention—invoking emotion by engaging its audience. Psychedelic fledgling into Doom, spiraling to Sludge, receding with psychedelia. 

  Most of the Psychedelic echoes and some effects in the record nod to if-we-were-a-space-rock-band. Like the other tracks, one style morphs into the other.

  Kevin’s Space rams drum and bass (after cymbal) with sludge that shows their Metalcore origins. But there’s an instrumental called Full Fledged! Starts with Stoner . . . Demon Haze produces a terrific Sludge riff, growing into a Doom overlay, if Lacrime Fiume Sangue Dolore or A Fistful of Dynamite did not Sludge-out enough.
  Closing with GAMMY, which has a commercial sample with heavy-ass unfolding tinged with psychedelia and picks pace before steeply falling into a droning passage to the end. How could the Vitruvian Woman move her legs after this? So game! As profoundly conveyed on the cover’s artDoom’s penchant for isolated cabins that insinuate covens.

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