Expect more machinismo when the freaking Avengers return as showcased by Thanos lifting an iron glove from an automated holdersimilar to Yashida‘s ailing founder’s. It seems marvel is pro-dinosaur eye-candy and stuff in between such sinew. Tylosaurus, the great sea lizards, swim across Manhattan sky, in the name of Leviathan—huge-ass warships and assault crafts bringing forth the Chitauri beasts. Ultron masterminds a plan in the vein of Chixhulub impact.

Art… Art… Art… Art everywhere

  I’d say J.A.R.V.I.S. went full A.I. if it occurs that hiding is possible after an altercation with Ultron—not to mention participation in unaided finalization of Ultron‘s remainder.

  Ultron becomes sentient enough to leave his Virtual Environment to fashion a body for itself. Pretty funny, considering the human push for a physio-virtual mergewith Age of Ultron and Chappie shedding meagre light on A.I. and its possible downsides. That of course being not at the expense of the aforementioned balls-out hit-’em-up executions.
  Since Ultron views man as detrimental to his habitat; then there sure is another angle, and I’d be more fascinated by an apolitical A.I. because earth is beyond minuscule in regards to space. With that, what would such A.I. need planet Earth for? Political tendencies just hold humanity back in mighty frightening proportions.
 Addiction to the virtual world is highlighted in ChappieVincent Moore‘s Orgasmatron; the neuro-helm for controlling Moose—because man will have created A.I. better or parallel to him. And he will be engaging them online and offline. Will they allow man to control the non-sensitized robots again if they reach a level of pointing-out such or even the slightest disparity, or will man eventually become one of them and start making the closest biological versions of himself as he could. Is dystopia part of the myopia?

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