Black Metal  is quite a marvel. However, with its teeming with passable outfits, one can only be on the qui vive for outstanding bands. Skyforest happened to be a great encounter, with their first release, the full-length Aftermath.
  Aftermath kicks off with an orchestration that befits a dreary score. It increases the dramatic effect of the preconceived scenes about the album’s unfolding landscape.
  The ethereal melancholy is immense. Bled profusely by the instruments, with the lyrics mostly wailed out , accompanied by moments of enthralling singing. Tracks end with  evoked rainfall. Austere and Windir come out as some of the main influences. Nothing, Worthless  could especially be said to be the best balance of the two there could ever be. A Windir arrangement where a song shifts direction somewhere around midway, leaving one yearning for a continuation—with the blissful wails of Austere.
  With such a beautiful closing, this is the ultimate soundtrack to an ephemeral drowning in grief. And in accordance to the project’s name, intros and outros fade in and out with the atmospheric abundance expected in a forest.



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