The take could be once the EP is viewed through a rose-tinted kaleidoscope, the trippy fluidness initiates the road to psychedelia. On a sunny day across the plains, in a wagon.
  London Train Woman Blues is caught in the usual Rock n Roll macho serenade with interesting blues-inspired leads and a bass somewhere between audible and background. It ends in typical Rock n Roll fashion; receding vibrato.
  The heaviest track — and longest track; Hypopsychedelicatessen — starts with bass followed by a down-tuned riff that starts picking pace as the song progresses. Moments of psychedelia can be heard at the start and at the end. Here I’ll take the hypo- for under (an influence of psychedelic… the rest is quite unfathomable).
  Dartless — ” … at the local where we perform. Someone is still up for the Bull’s Eye in the meanwhile … “. Nice skit. Man.
  Don’t Take Me There. This is what they overwhelm the patrons with. And fuck, it’s the catchiest of all. Somehow it feels transgressing into some post-rock.
  Bourbon Stains is a track with a trippy feel and a dance-able beat! It is also heavy. Fuck! Canadians with American stains.
 The spirit of Rock n Roll.



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