Language as we know it today, has come to morph into the most diverse and easiest means of expression. It is through it that communication systems of various people have found the best, if not the easiest way to convey the current state of play. From Tin Pan Alley to internet underbellies and all the span in between.
 In the world of Science Fiction, alien languages have more or less served a similar role. Even better, the lighthearted side is effectively sheened in daylight as seen in Confluence.
  Being a fictional language, it is well more than eleven million (Earth) years old, which is the figure for the time-period of Myrinian culture. Confluence has become of interest to the mortals of earth now that they have ‘discovered’ the Myrin planet. The inhabitants have so much to endure from the earthmen, in in regard to this parlance. With an etymological team headed for Myria, they sure make a good effort for a non complete, but still smile inducing (at the expense of the Myrinian way of life).
  They found that Confluence is a language-cum-posture, and that meanings of words can be radically modified or altered entirely by the stance assumed by the speaker. There is therefore, no possibility of ever compiling a one-to-one dictionary of English-Confluence, Confluence-English words.
  Nevertheless, the list of Confluent words that follows disregard the stances involved, which number almost nine thousand and are all named, and merely offers a few definitions, some of which must be regarded as tentative.
  BIT SAN: A reverie lasting more than twenty years and of a blasphemous nature
  BI TUSI: A reverie lasting more than twenty years on cosmological themes
  KARNDOLI YON TOR: Mystical state attained through inaction; feasting; a learned paper on the poetry of metal
  NUT LAP ME: Dying of laughing
  SHE AN DORL: Gazing at one’s reflection for reasons other than vanity
Even though on some definitions, Brian W. Aldiss seemed to pat himself on the back with smaug graces, the other thing to be taken away from this was the Dictionary-ish disregard for period.

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